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Ellen Tracy Peony & Rose (not in database)

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How do you know when you have found THE ONE? That scent that could be yours and yours alone. Your signature.


You can not stop muttering OMG, OMG, OMG for 15 minutes. When you attempt to describe the fragrance, you once again mutter OMG. When you type, you type OMG, OMG, OMG. That's when you know.


OMG, OMG, OMG. This is my experience, not with ET Ellen Tracy, but with ET Peony & Rose, which is not in the database. I've left my note here, under ET Ellen Tracy, because ET P&R is a flanker of ET ET - same bottle, same box, different colors, a few different notes.

ET PEONY & ROSE smells like ET ET, only without all the white florals that I didn't care for. However, what ET P&R *really* smells like is two-fold:

(1) It's a lighter, brighter more floral Gres Cabaret. It has the same crystalline character as Cabaret without Cabaret's musky base.

(2) It smells like a cruise ship. Not any ole cruise ship, but one in North America, say a big passenger liner in the Caribbean or the Pacific. (Sorry, not in the North, Baltic, Mediterranean, or Tyrrhenian - No, not those cruise ships. Those ships don't cater to the American market.)

Overall, ET PEONY & ROSE is very consistent with the ET brand - Feminine, office-appropriate, clean, luxurious, modern. It has a lot in common with ET Tracy (peony & rose) and with ET Inspire (peony). In addition, there is also something about it that is the scent of American retail space, and dare I say it, large corporations. I'd expect many to fault ET P&R for that, but for that - I love it.

Sadly, there is one major problem with this lovely scent - It lacks longevity and a base that last past the heart. Bummer. Big bummer. ET PEONY & ROSE could have been perfect. I will definitely be exploring how to layer this one, though.


  1. NebraskaLovesScent's Avatar
    Thanks for reviewing this one, Awesomeness! I see this one at TJ Maxx and Marhsall's a lot, and for a good price, but I found absolutely ZERO information about it online . . . until now. :-)

  2. Twolf's Avatar
    I wanted to ask where do people go to sniff it, but the previous comment answers it. Thanks for the heads up! I will be looking forward to smelling it, sounds like it is right up my alley.

  3. awesomeness's Avatar
    Thanks folks. I wore it again yesterday & over-sprayed. It actually lasted a good 8 hours. But over-spraying is not a sin with this one. Just note that some people have trouble with the peony note in ET fragrances - not me, though. Right up my alley and such a bargain. $15 for 100ml at TJ Maxx. I need to buy a back-up bottle!
  4. Aiona's Avatar
    Thanks for the review! "Scent of a cruise ship" has me so intrigued! I can always find an excuse to go to TJ Maxx. Husband will be annoyed, but oh well!


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