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New Additions -- Bond No. 9, Chanel, Creed, & Pure Havane

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It's been a while since I got on my little soapbox here and babbled about cologne. Here's quick notes on some of my recent additions in the last couple of months.

Allure Homme Sport (Chanel) --
This is probably going to be my "go to" fragrance for the Spring/Summer months. Not a whole lot to say about this that hasn't been said. Besides, if it's good enough for Lemmy, it's good enough for me. ;-)

Cooper Square (Bond No. 9) --
I had the sample vile sitting on my desk for some months and finally got my hands on a bottle. For whatever reason, I haven't had a chance to wear this one yet and give it a proper try. In the next day or two, it's getting a wear.

Egoiste (Chanel) --
LOVE IT! I got to wear this out on a bitterly cold night out the other day and it's already one of my favorite fragrances after just one wear. Although I'm itching for the warm weather, I wouldn't mind waiting a little bit longer so I can give this a couple more wears before it gets put away for the summer.

Pure Havane (Thierry Mugler) --
Just got it today, so I'll be the first to admit that I haven't given it a proper wear yet. My initial thoughts are it's very (VERY) closely related to Pure Malt. So far so good. Need to give it a few wears. Expect an update on this one.

Virgin Island Water (Creed) --
Not so much coconut as I get lime from this, and I won't argue that the first couple of minutes can smell like furniture cleaner, but after it settles in, this smells FABULOUS! This is an amazing summer fragrance for when you can't make it to the beach.

I heard about the longevity issues when I first got it, so I decided to give it a wear one winter afternoon when I was sitting around at home thinking it would be gone the next morning. The next morning when I went to the gym, I could still smell traces on me and liked it!

This is one of the few fragrances that you can wear in sweltering temperatures and not get funny looks. Bring on the summer! ;-)



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