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Dancing with Diptyque

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Above is my Diptyque candle collection. And that doesn't include my 15oz D.L. & Co. Thorn Apple candle. Once again, I have gathered all of these within the last month. My love for scents is sky rocketing and to tell you the truth, I never add up how much I have spent on such things otherwise I would be horrified and disgusted with myself. Thankfully I have Basenotes to rely on and can confess my fragrant secrets to because I don't like to discuss what I have and have not spent money on in public. Not even with friends. This is my own private paradise where I can appreciate the things I think are worth spending money on.

Diptyque's candles are irresistible. They have such a strong aroma and the fragrance floats throughout the house. Pick from floral, fruity, woody or spicy. There is something for every mood and personality. My only gripe is that they do not burn evenly which leaves a huge chunk of the wax unused. Very disappointing for a $60/68 candle ($99 if buying from Australia instead of overseas). They pride themselves on the wick being hand-centered but all of mine are nowhere near it. I emailed them complaining about this. They told gave me instructions on how to ensure the candle burns evenly by trimming etc, and I replied that I already do all of that - the problem is with the actual wick being a lot off center. After that, I never heard from them. It's terrible though - I ended up buying four more even after my disappointment. I've just never come across candles that are so fragrant and real smelling. There is nothing false or artificial about them.

Getting back to it; Everyone has different priorities. I'm still fairly young (although I feel old) but I don't go to clubs or drink or smoke or buy a lot of clothes or spend my money upgrading electronics just because a newer version has been released. It's just not what I'm into. My choice is scents. Perfumes, candles, fresh flowers and so on. You don't have to have a superfluous amount of money to have nice things; you just have to know what you do and do not want. I'm a visual and sensory fiend who has a never ending appetite for all things beautiful. So that is my choice.

Updated 7th April 2011 at 12:05 AM by seaofghosts

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  1. zenyu's Avatar
    Really like your lens, wishing you all best :-)
  2. Diamondflame's Avatar
    You are in fine company. BNers certainly appreciate the joy good fragrances bring to our lives.
  3. seaofghosts's Avatar
    Thanks, Zenyu Regular lens but colour corrected in photoshop.

    Diamondflame: I'm very glad I stumbled upon this place because I don't know anyone else in my life who appreciates them Fragrances have a big effect on my mood and can easily burn a bad morning into a good one.
  4. seaofghosts's Avatar
    BTW I think Gregory Peck is the most alluring man I've ever seen. Spellbound is one of my favourite movies.
  5. LifeIsABeach's Avatar
    I have a bottle of Philosykos as well as their soap. May have to try it in candle form as well. Thanks for the writeup!
  6. seaofghosts's Avatar
    No problem I wrote it for myself but happy to see others getting something out of it. I'd love to hear what the Figuier candle is like if you end up getting it.


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