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Hacking Update, fixing glitches

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Most of the glitches that are still on the site aren't as a direct result of the hack, more a direct result of me trying to fix the hack. Here's an update based on the glitches reported in the Community Centre Forum

  • Thanks button has gone*
  • Running total of thanks has gone*
  • "Group" forums are not appearing at the bottom of the forums page*
  • has gone 404*
  • Can't access "Settings" [should be fixed now]
  • Sidebar content (most reviewed fragrances, most prolific reviewers, etc.) missing from Latest Reviews page. [should be fixed now]
  • Can't post SotD in "Who is wearing what" also doesn't show wears in your wardrobe. [should be fixed now]
  • I can't find iTrader or feedback anywhere. [should be fixed now]
  • 'stars' under users' names are not appearing for me - just 3 or 4 or 5 boxes with red x in them.
  • some, but not all 'fragrance wardrobe' icons also just appearing as a box with a red x in it. This only seems to be affecting non-BN Plus members. Bottle icons for BN Plus members are appearing fine [should be fixed]
  • It seems e-mail notifications for new private messages is trashed. [should be fixed]
  • I'm not seeing any new members. [should be fixed]
  • When I log in and I am showed the 'forums' - it looks like I have not logged in till I press 'Today's Posts."
  • I cannot delete messages. My Sent box is full now and I can't send any PMs.
  • The font, font size and color functions aren't working.
  • I highlight the text, click on one of the functions, and the highlight goes clear.

* These are plug-ins that have now been disabled in case of potential security risk
** The site isn't sending out emails (have got my hosts on to it), which means new members can't join, and people wont be getting notifications

The other ones listed above i'm working on.

Updated 12th May 2011 at 01:51 PM by Grant



  1. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    Grant, thanks for the update on repairs.
  2. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Thanks Grant !
  3. mr. reasonable's Avatar
    Thank you Grant - I see the stars are back.
    Updated 13th May 2011 at 08:31 AM by mr. reasonable
  4. waftbycarol's Avatar
    I thought you should know this....Yesterday I spent all day on Basenotes , I am having a large sale and was recieving lots of mail .
    at around 4pm , while logged into Basenotes my computer was attacked by a malware trojan called Vista Home Security 2011 . BAD ONE !! I was able to do a system restore .
    Not blaming you per se , but because of the hack wanted to give you a heads up in case this was attatched to the damage done on Basenotes .
    Sincerely , Carol
  5. pluran's Avatar
    Thanks Grant.
  6. Grant's Avatar
    Thanks for letting me knwo
  7. Madame du Barry's Avatar
    Grant; can you tell if the attack came from Sweden - or did they use an anonymizer?
  8. 's Avatar
    Seems most of problems have solved, thank you. I can access to Setting now, I have e-mail from BN , ...
  9. lontun's Avatar
    Many thanks Grant


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