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Mini review: Comme des Garçons 2 Man

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Have you ever used sealing wax? The kind that comes in a stick with a wick on it, and you light the wick, hold the stick sideways over the page, and let it drip onto the paper? And then you blow out the wick and it smokes like a birthday candle? That's CDG 2 Man. That exact smell, of sealing wax and smoke. Crucially, it's not snuffed-candle smoke - it's snuffed sealing-wax smoke. Bizarre, no? Mind-blowing artistically, but not terrifically wearable. I must try Avignon next.

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  1. thefiancee's Avatar
    Commenting just to show love, but also to tell you that our maid-of-honour got me two wax seals for my birthday: my new initials-to-be. *likes her initials-to-be a lot*
  2. nsamadi's Avatar
    I wanted to post to this blog, but forgot. I just remembered now because I placed an order for 2 Man recently.

    When I tried it almost 2-3 years ago, I instantly loved it, but I put off purchasing a bottle because I felt it lacked the creativity that comes along with a typical CDG scent. If you think this is unwearable weird stuff, wait till you try the Odeur's, CDG 2 & 3 and the Synthetic series.

    I almost felt the scent could have been produced by any designer house (there's similarities with Gucci PH), and it felt normal in a way. It wasn't up to CDG quality so I didn't purchase until now, because for $80 bucks for a 100ml bottle. It's one of the finest niche scents you can buy IMO.

    Easily a 5 star scent.
  3. mikeperez23's Avatar
    Wax and smoke you say? You must try Messe de Minuit by Etro and Amber Absolute by Tom Ford.

    I love CdG 2 Man and like nsamadi said above, I waited too too long to get a full bottle of this. This scent is one that I will pull out of my wardrobe when people come over my house and the subject of my perfume collecting comes up. It always seems to impress everyone: men and women equally.
  4. davidhunternyc's Avatar
    I bought this cologne after reading the following review last year. A perfect cologne? Yes. For $60? Most definitely. Price no object, it truely is intoxicating and a masterpiece. Strike a match and light a waxed saddle on fire, throw in a tumble weed, some eucalyptus, cedar, sandalwood, and what the hell, add a gallon of gasoline and get drunk on the smoke and a Single Malt Scotch. By the time you pass out, you'll find yourself inside of a Byzantine Mosque. Believe me.

    New York Times Magazine, Holiday 2007 issue
    by the New York Times' Perfume Critic- Chandler Burr

    I must admit, with some unease, my initial obtuseness toward Comme des Garçons 2 Man, one of the 10 greatest works of perfumery art in the world. The perfumer Mark Buxton built the upper decks of this sleekest of vessels out of C11 ISO, a synthetic molecule that smells of clean pressed fire, if you can imagine such a thing; the pine-scented synthetic C12 MNA; and a high-quality natural Haitian vetiver that smells like dust on jungle trees. But the hull is frankincense from Oman, an incense cool as cream, warm as onion-skin stationery, glossy and slick as a traffic light in the rain. This technically flawless perfume (it diffuses like radium) smells more beautiful than one can say, like a perfect chord in an empty echo chamber. Herodotus warned that frankincense was dangerous to harvest because poisonous snakes lived in the Arabian trees that contained it, and I do believe my first reaction to 2 Man was, in part, fear. This perfume is not just extraordinary. It is perfect.
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