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Fragrance Review: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne - 2008

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You either love it or hate it, but one thing we can all agree on:
this fragrance opened up some serious discussions.

Mostly becouse over the last few years this has been so badly "hyped" that many in the fragrance community quickly wrote this off as "to synthetic", "to feminine" or to sweet. I admit, this is pretty sweet and can come off as femenine (Though many of the scents that came out around that time had a femenine feel to it). Also, with "millions" sold around the world, it's no longer a unique fragrance. The bottle did'nt help either. Many called it tacky and cheap looking, and people made their mids up pretty quick after that.

On the other side, this fragrance will be on the list of cult classics if you could call it that. Standing tall along the likes of Le Male by JPG, Polo Blue by RL and Aqua di Gio by Armani. I found this to be the most popular scent around here (I live in the Netherlands) I have seen in the last few years that I have been into fragrances.

Last year it totaly took over the club-scene. There was no place to go if you did not like this scent becouse it was everywere! Personaly I have tried not to go for it when I was going out but sadly there are not many fragrances that can match up to the potency of 1 Million. These days it is not as bad like last year and only on few ocasions I smell it when I go out.

Being unofficialy named a "club banger" it does'nt let me down there. It is perfect for going out on a date or going out. In my eyes it should not be worn before sunset. I know people love the wear this all day but to me there are many other fragrances that I go for during daytime before I pick this one out.

The opening is a fresh, sweet and a little musky. Sweet bubblegum is a term I hear often with this fragrance and that describes the opening verry well. From the dry-down to the middle notes it becomes a more mature fragrance. It does'nt change much though the sweetness goes to the background a bit. Throughout the fragrance many fume-heads will pick up on the synthetic feel to it does'nt have to be a bad thing.

I think it is very well done and will be my go-to club-scent for many years to come.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I have to say, this is one of the most distinctive and intriguing scents to come around in a long time. I love to watch people's reaction when they sniff it for the first time. They are always taken aback by it - and in a good way. Yes - tacky bottle, and monumental hype and build-up on this one. But it's not like all the other stuff out there.

    I agree - job well done all the way around on this fragrance.
  2. silentrich's Avatar
    Tacky is a good word.


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