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Fragrance Review: Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens - 2003

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First off: This is a womans fragrance. The only reason I own a bottle was the fact that I blind bought it for only a couple of bucks.

The Serge Lutens house does'nt have many gender specific fragrances. There is not much to say about this scent. It is super sweet, extremely feminine and as the name states: loads of vanille.

Even though there are some womans fragrances that come out pretty well on a men's skin, this is not one of them. I can imagine this smelling really good on a woman. The only experiance I have on this scent is on my sking ofcourse so here we go: The opening is and extreme cotton-candy sweet note that just dies down as the fragrance progresses. The actual vanille comes in on the middle notes and even then it's pretty much the same cotton-candy note that takes the forefront.

It's not a bad fragrance but it's pretty linear. Not just for anyone. It runs for about 4 to 5 hours.
For all you girls out there, I'd say you should go and test it out before you buy this.



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