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Justin Beiber, $30M - Someday, $32 - Ridiculous Perfume Packaging, Priceless

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I just saw Robin's post over at about JB's new frag and the thing that stuck me most was the bottle. Many people have commented that my absolute favourite perfume (Kingdom) smells a bit like a 'lady's love purse' but my first thought upon seeing it was that the flower on top of JB's frag LOOKS like one! Without reading the article I saw the pic and immediately thought some avant garde house was being tongue-in-cheek about the packaging for their new 'essence-of-woman' perfume. Whoops... I know the flower and LLP imagery isn't new, but the obscene pink plastic too perfect-ness of it just didn't seem like an accident. Gotta stand out among all those other teenage boy perfume magnates some how I guess...

JB, thanks for the laughs you sly dog. If I could spare the cash I'd buy a bottle just to sit it on my shelf.


  1. Emlynevermore's Avatar
    The whole enterprise is a bit naff, no question.

    Let's face it, every street corner in the Western world is going to reek of this; we can only petition the perfume gods and hope that, by some miracle, it ends up halfway decent.
  2. PremierT's Avatar
    I'm sure it won't be offensive smelling because it'll be focus group tested from here to next Tuesday like all popular frags. What truly disturbs me is that when I was young I always wanted to smell like my mother or glamorous Aunts, what in the world is going on that young girls might want to smell like Justin Beiber?

    Whatever ad copy crap someone might come up with, noting can excuse the crass profiteering that is a perfume release aimed at pre-teen girls adorned with a cartoonish homage to a woman's anatomy and approved by a teen boy. I was wondering where 'the line' was and it seems we've found it.


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