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Nota Bene: Blog entries chronology

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Just a note to point out that the blog entries are sort of "backwards". In my world I am used to thinking of older things as coming first and then the next one is a bit earlier, until finally at the bottom is the latest entry. The way these blogs are published, the opposite occurs. I wonder if most people will have no problem figuring this out, whereas for me, it would be confusing!

I would not have had to do this if the blogs were not limited to a certain number of words. I had no idea of this when I began it! The whole blog from its beginning as a New Member Introduction in March through til just the other day in late May runs about 30,000 words and blogs are limited to 10,000 per entry. So my chronology would have run quite nicely if I could have posted all of it at once.

As is, it runs sort of backwards and I am sorry for that. But like I said, I am rather "particular" and I realize most people are not so much so. Anyway, I hope it all makes sense in the order in which it was intended. Maybe I should just stick to that 'Just Starting Out' thread! At least it runs in the correct order...


  1. matildaben's Avatar
    A blog on any site, not just BN, always has the most recent entries are at the top. That's because people are "following" it and they've probably already read the earlier entries. It's not like a book where you start at Chapter 1. See Now Smell This or PerfumeShrine for examples. I'm sorry it's not familiar to you, but it will be familiar to many. You should write in the format that's most comfortable for you, though. Since most people use the "what's new" feature, they can still get to the most recent entries in your continuation thread if you put your reviews in there instead.
  2. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    I think that I will not use the blog feature any more for my "New Member Continuation" thoughts. It just seems arsey-versey to me. But the blog can be used effectively, I believe, in such things as the stand-alone essay I wrote this evening (see "Original or Classical Fragrances"). And thanks for your comment.


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