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Thoughts from Major Sniffa on 18 June 2011

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Fleeting and not so fleeting thoughts:

Le Labo Rose: Upon sniffing, I thought I was "sold". Admittedly Kat and I went in with the expectation of a purchase. I like to hold off and ruminate for days before I make a purchase, so I did that. Now, I'm not so sure I like it any better than Kingdom, another cumin-rose, but much louder. And I got Kingdom for a song, so...

I'll be chewing on this one for longer. I'll probably score a decant, live in it for awhile before I commit.

Sartorial: I first sniffed this on a blotter carelessly placed in a friend's shirt pocket and demanded to know what it was. I was warned about frightening top notes. Now I can say that, after applying it to the skin, the top notes are fully un-scary and it's pleasant and mellow for me, though very tenacious (a good thing). Also this contains oakmoss - I thought this was banned. I'd consider a 10ml decant but probably not a full bottle as I don't ever see myself using this up.

Une Fleur de Cassie: The attending salesperson was very amused when Kat and I systematically spritzed and lined up blotters (borrowed his pen to write on the blotters) to sniff the Malle range. What a lovely guy, bless him. I think UFdC will be my next FB purchase. I got his name card, so will make sure he gets his commission next time I pop in.

L'eau d'Hiver: I'm still umming and aahing about a FB of L'eau d'Hiver but wouldn't mind a 10ml. They have the 3x10ml atomizers (but will NOT stock the 50mls, only the 100mls!!) so I would be happy with either 30ml or a 10ml. Kat also likes this one, so perhaps a trade is imminent...

Le Labo Iris: Curiously, I got violet, violet, violet out of this one (violet's a note I'm very conflicted about), but only when sprayed on the blotter or on clothes. In the crook of my elbow it's more spicy and complex. I expected to be scared off by civet, but I didn't get much of that. Turns out the violets scared me more. I see myself with a 5ml decant of this, nothing more.

Hermessences: all duds to me especially for the price, but I haven't spent time with them on the skin. The tester for Caleche SdP got to me though, and I see myself with a FB of that soon.

So to narrow all that down, I'd say Une Fleur de Cassie and L'eau d'Hiver for actual bottle buys, Sartorial for a decant, and still on the fence about Le Labos either way.



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