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USPS so annoyed !!!!!!

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I had a large order coming from TPC, I received half of the packages but the damn USPS lost the rest...someone is wearing over $200 worth of samples that don't belong to them!
Has this happened to anyone else's orders?
I was going to place more orders, but now..maybe not : ((
Heres the short email i got back from TPC :

It appears the USPS has lost/misplaced your packages. I have advised the owners to reship one time at our expense. Thanks.


  1. 30 Roses's Avatar
    It's possible that no one has received the package yet. Once I received a package 22 months late (yes, I wrote that correctly-- 22 months.). Who knows were it was all that time? It had not been opened. I think it was lost in the system somewhere, maybe in a sorting machine.
  2. melodyjayne's Avatar
    22 months?? I thought our australia post was bad!
  3. morrison74's Avatar
    "I have advised the owners to reship one time at our expense." What does that mean?
  4. Mysteriousgt1's Avatar
    packages do get rerouted wrongly at times, i had a set of Packages comin to me once and 1 came straight to me, the other got routed to New York, then went to California before coming to my Place in Arizona lmao
  5. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    Probably bleary-eyed postal workers on the night shift at 3 in the morning.
  6. Diamondflame's Avatar
    Fret not. TPC will make good on their delivery & send you the replacements. That's what happened to an order of mine (HdP Noir Patchouli) which was lost in transit.
  7. leor_77's Avatar
    That's terrible...I'm definitely noticing a price increase with USPS, in general.
  8. matildaben's Avatar
    Since TPC is three sellers, I think "the owners" refers to the people who own the bottles that they make the decants from.
  9. melodyjayne's Avatar
    Thanks for your replies everyone.
    I hope TPC mean by shipping one time means all the lost packages in one shipment?
    Less chance of things going missing! I do know its 3 separate owners in different parts of the US so they need to do it this way...but it does make me a little worried with future orders, seeing as this was my very first, hoping it was just bad luck!
    Am sure the reply i received from customer service was just cut and pasted lol.
    They should be a little more sensitive to the panic a perfume addict experiences with a lost order ; )
  10. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    I hope the package turns up, MelodyJane-- I feel for you,sweets. It's quite worrying I agree.
  11. bokaba's Avatar
    USPS generally works pretty well and offers cheap shipping, but once a package gets "lost" there is zero redress unless you purchased insurance and even then there is something like a 21 day waiting period before you can file a claim. After a claim is filed, it may then take up to another month to approve.
  12. melodyjayne's Avatar
    Thanks Mimi ☺
    Bokaba, funny you should mention that, just received a email re insurance. I need to wait for 45 days for delivery before insurance can be claimed on the more expensive package, which will require me to sign a form for TPC to claim...heres hoping it turns up by the 5th!
    TPC did reassure me considering the amount of packages that go out its a low percentage, sometimes things go wrong at the PO or customs etc.


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