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Link to Hawaii Pictures

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I'm sorry I haven't been able to figure out how to make a regular album on my personal profile page here on Basenotes. You can get a look at some pictures by clicking on the link here:

Then double-click on the first picture to enlarge it and you'll be able to go on from that screen by pressing "Previous" or "Next." The pictures aren't as big or as high resolution as what we used to get on Basenotes albums. I have a message in asking how to create an album now that the link seems to be broken or changed, but so far, there's been no response. I'm sure Grant is quite correctly busy with more important things.

Anyway, enjoy what's there, and let me know if you have any problems seeing them or reading the descriptions.


  1. Larimar's Avatar
    Beautiful landscape, beautiful pics and a stunning hotel! Thanks for sharing!
  2. teardrop's Avatar
    Wonderful, Jaime! What a happy & great-looking couple you are, too. Thanks for this glimpse into paradise...*sigh*
  3. Guest 3's Avatar
    What beautiful pictures, Jaime! They look like postcards from Shangri-la. Thank you so much for sharing them...I needed a little mini escape today, lol! :) Looks like you and Russ had a nice time.
  4. odioustoilet's Avatar
    did you ever hit up a fragrance place?
  5. JaimeB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by odioustoilet
    did you ever hit up a fragrance place?
    Yes, in my earlier post "Some Notes on Hawaii" I mentioned that I dropped in at Neimans in Honolulu (at the Ala Moana Center) to visit a personal SA acquaintance of mine from the days when she worked in SF Neimans. She was out sick that day, but I picked up a bottle of TF Special Blends Neroli Portofino, which another SA gracious agreed to credit to my friend's sales account.

    A lot of tourist shops also had fragrances for sale, mostly tropical florals typical of the Islands, like Plumeria, White Ginger, Gardenia, and so on. I still have some of those from previous trips, so I didn't see any point in getting more of the same.
  6. silentrich's Avatar
    Great pictures! I've been to The big island and Kauai on seperate occasions and my wife and I agree that's it's the most beautiful place we've ever been to. It's like time stands still and your problems and worries just melt away. I'd love to live on Kauai, but my God was real estate expensive.


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