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My experience with Fahrenheit

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I never owned Dior's Fahrenheit, until today.

I used to know a guy who wore it and it was a time in my life that I don't particularly want to think about. It's such a distinctive scent that I knew it would bring back memories, but I do remember that I liked it, so I finally gave it another chance.

I tested it on a strip and it smelled nothing like what I remembered, nothing! So I read about it some more and read reviews, and some people did say that it wasn't all that different from the original formula, so I had to give it another try. I did another test strip and kept it with me. I put it in my car. Later when I came back, ta-da! There was the Fahrenheit that I remembered. And the memories are so far back that I decided I could wear it without being reminded of the past.

So today I am the proud owner of a little 1.7 oz bottle, bought at CVS Pharmacy with some graduation money. I gave it a full test, and so I'm getting to know the new Fahrenheit. In my opinion it's just a little stripped down from what I remember, but as it goes into the dry-down, the resemblance becomes apparent. This isn't the same scent that I remember but the......bone structure? there. I'll hold onto this and I guess begin the hunt for a vintage bottle.
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  1. odioustoilet's Avatar
    If the parents only knew what the graduation money was going to!
  2. adonis's Avatar
    Good choice, kid.


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