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CB i hate perfume

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Can't believe I found a stockist in sleepy Perth that has his perfumes : )
Planning a trip out there on Saturday..really want a bottle of At the beach, and maybe Snow? Going to sniff them all until my nose gives in
Its a boutique called Meg and Wally..which could be lethal to my credit card
Who needs food anyway LOL


  1. Sugandaraja's Avatar
    If you can find it, try Black March and Musk Reinvention - there's really nothing else like either!
  2. melodyjayne's Avatar
    Ooohh I have a sample of Black March, will wear that tomorrow, forgot all about it! Musk fragrances i love..will try that one : )
  3. blkbrd's Avatar
    In the Library and Mr. Hulot's Holiday!
  4. melodyjayne's Avatar
    re Black March, was a little apprehensive about wearing this today as I am normally a person who likes traditional " pretty " perfumes eg. Joy...however it suits our cold wintery day and my clothing, I wouldn't buy a bottle but am enjoying wearing my sample. I agree with the positive reviews on this frag and couldn't describe it better, I certainly don't get ' fresh graves, lol" heehe
  5. adonis's Avatar
    Mr Hulot!
  6. melodyjayne's Avatar
    So went for a hour drive today in quiet anticipation on my CB sniff-athon...was greeted by a small collection of perfumes, about 12 in total.
    My heart kind of sank when "At The Beach " did not catch my eye : /
    The SA confirmed my fears, that no, they did not have At The Beach, nor the others mentioned ( thanks blkdbrd and Adonis) . They however did have Burning Leaves, North Atlantic and a number of others.
    I tested all, and decide on purchasing White Ginger Flower ( a honeysuckle dominated frag) and Beautiful Laundrette ( smells like Aussie ironing starch called Fabulon lol )
    The positive was they were having a sale and i bought both these for $85.00 : )
    After I went to Dusk ( home frag store) and met the most knowledgeable SA ever, stocked up on Japanese Blossom candles etc..the house smells beautiful : )
  7. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    Melodyjayne, are you talking about "Meg and Wally" in Leederville? Thanks for the tip.
    Those sale prices seem exceptionally good - might head over there today :)
    Updated 6th July 2011 at 02:32 AM by Sorcery of Scent
  8. melodyjayne's Avatar
    Yes, in Leederville : )
    All his perfumes were $50, they only had White Ginger Flower as a barely used tester so I paid $35 for that one.
    Definitely worth a look at those prices!
  9. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    Ive just got back from M&W... quite a small selection remains... I think the only ones left that intrigued me were Burning Wood, Old Leather and Smokey Tobacco. The latter *almost* became a purchase, but I walked away from the impulse-buy at the last second.

    Thanks for the heads up melodyjayne.

    If there are any other Perthites keen for a look, they had the following 100 ml water scents remaining that I can recall:

    Beautiful Laundrette
    Wildflower Honey
    Old Leather
    Smoky Tobacco
    Burnt Wood

    North Atlantic (tester)
    In the Library (tester)
    Crushed Fig Leaf (tester)
  10. melodyjayne's Avatar
    The North Atlantic and Wildflower Honey are tempting...wish I could walk away from impulse buys!


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