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The Journey So Far vol.4

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In the beginning of 2003 two important things happened: I got my first credit card and started the Great Chypre Quest.

Many fragrance forum fellows kindly made recommendations and generously provided samples, and I soon learned that the Chypres that were most me were either leather Chypres like Bandit or Jolie Madame or fruit Chypres like Femme, Mitsouko or Y, but I didn't get along with green Chypres like No 19 or Eau de Soir. Not surprisingly, one of my greatest Chypre loves, Le Parfum de Thérèse is both fruity and leathery.

Thanks to the credit card I could finally satisfy my curiosity about Serge Lutens scents: I had been a fan of his make up artistry since I was a schoolgirl, so when I learned he had started to produce perfumes, I simply had to get my paws on them. I had been given a sample of Ambre Sultan, so I knew what to expect when I made an order, but I also picked Arabie because it sounded like something I would love, and I did.

Both the Chypres I found five years ago and SL scents are still a cherished part of my fragrance wardrobe, but during this year I also started to explore "indie/alternative" houses like Comme des Garçons, Etro, L'Artisan and the then brand new name Gobin Daudé, which was tragically soon gone.

To be continued...



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