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I Smell. . . Again

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My husband was the one who reminded me that it was the last space shuttle launch. He had set his alarm, he said, to watch it, but as is usual when one has a toddler who doesn't wanna sleep until the wee hours of the night, we slept through the alarm. Anyway, it makes me just a tad bit sad to think that the space shuttle program is ending, and yet I understand all things are finite. Even a multi-million dollar spacecraft.

I have to come to grips with the fact that time is linear and moves, for us anyway, in one direction. Forwards. Always forwards. You can't go back.

It is never more apparent to me that time changes things than when I look at my own child, and how he is growing and changing, and starting to talk back at me.

I'm also aware that my nose still is not back to how it used to be pre-pregnancy. I had been warned that might happen. I really hate change though. I have a strong tendency towards static inertial forces. But, I am trying to learn to accept my new nose and new tastes. How? By systematically going through my wardrobe of fragrances and coming to accept that some of my former favorites just don't appeal to me anymore. Forwards. Always forwards. You can't go back.

For example, in the past few weeks, I've tried some old stand-bys, what used to thrill me and have me happily smelling my arm for hours actually makes me nauseous still! I cannot believe that pregnancy hormones could mess me up that much! I'm pretty sure my beta-HCG is nil. What kind of physiologic process could mess me up so?

I know people all talk about out-growing one's first love, or growing apart from one's spouse. The seven-year-itch, and all that. I myself have been happily with the same person for going on 11 years now. I don't see that we'd ever grow apart, but it certainly is possible.

And so it is with perfumes, I suppose. I find my old loves are not as lovely anymore. And I'm finding that the Nice Guy down the street, to whom I never really paid much attention, but who has all the characteristics of a wonderful lover, is actually quite a fascinating fellow.

Today I tried a scent that didn't appeal to me much when I first tried it 3 years ago. However, today, from the first spritz, I was entranced. 12 hours longevity, and so many different phases. Time passes, and we all grow older, but it's never too late to fall in love again.

Shall I buy a bottle? Perhaps it's too soon to commit.


  1. Twolf's Avatar
    Gosh, what fragrance was it? Please, do not let us die here of/with curiosity.
  2. Aiona's Avatar
    I'm almost embarrassed to say, Twolf! It was Must de Cartier. And I believe, it's prior to reformulation. The first one, that is.


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