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Apres L'ondee ebay

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Fingers crossed this is not a bad decision..have bought a bottle for AU $155 Advert as follows:

This is a brand new (but sprayed a few times) bottle of Guerlain Apres L'ondee Eau de Toilette 100mL.
The item is still in the box however the cellophane has been taken off and the bottle has been sprayed a few times to try. I have found that the perfume in this EDT form is too light for my skin and will not last. I am selling as I know that this perfume is coveted by many and an extremely beautiful rare fragrance - available only in certain store in France. This bottle was bought in Paris last month - I can also give you the Guerlain gift bag that it came in. Obviously everything is in perfect condition. I am glad that I got the chance to try this classic Guerlain masterpiece but I am sure there is someone out there who will have more success wearing this than I had. If that person is you, send your best price for consideration.

I will post for $12.95 registered post or we can arrange for you to pick up from Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

I did check the sellers rep...not a lot of sales but they are all positive..and a member for 2 years..I shall come back and cry if I have been ripped off LOL.
Theres another 2 NEW bottles in the US, with a price of $324 ea


  1. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    I saw this listing too Melodyjane... Nice purchase. I doubt you've been ripped off... You're paying pretty much the same price (in AUD) as Après l'ondee is offered at the Champs Élysées store. :)

    Is this a blind buy, or have you tried it before?
  2. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    I envy you. I am still at the stage of trying to find an affordable deal on my favorite fragrance Apres L'Ondee. I thought I had found same yestereve here on BN. But the item had been posted in June and today I found out that the seller had not updated the thread to indicate that she sold it, alas.

    I can't believe how rare this fragrance is! It is simply not available on any of the usual sites on-line. So it must be eBay or here, or something similar. If anyone doesn't like theirs I can tell you of a sure-fire buyer. And I am glad to know that someone else has discovered this treasure - totally a unique scent in an era of too much sameness, and all this from 1906.
  3. melodyjayne's Avatar
    @ Dimitri, thanks, I bought it quite late last night and spent the night in a state of anxious excitement, hoping it was a good buy ( imagine if a few sprays means half a bottle LOL)
    Not a blind buy, I had a sample from TPC which had me in bliss while it lasted, then was a little devastated to learn it was discontinued. Did your mother love your gift of Apres Lóndee?

    @ Saintpaulia don't give up trying to find it. It will show up when you least expect it, just like love does ; )
  4. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    Hi Melodyjane, yes mum was over the moon... as was I, because it meant my wife and I didnt have to share ours with her! Each time she's been over we have noticed the levels in our bottle go down, and a familiar scent cartwheeling on the air! :)
  5. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    From the description- I think you are safe with this buy MelodyJane. Nice one !
    Apres L'Ondee IS blissful !
  6. teardrop's Avatar
    Congrats on your purchase melodyjane! The seller's description sounds to me as honest & truthful as it gets. He/she obviously appreciates what he/she is selling. Enjoy this beautiful perfume in good health!
  7. melodyjayne's Avatar
    Thanks Mimi and Teardrop, I am so excited!
    Dimitri, your family has excellent taste in perfume, you may need to hide your bottle away when stocks get low
  8. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    Melody, I was able to find a reasonably priced deal on decants of AL'O and have ordered 20 ml. to keep myself going until that "someday" when I can obtain the larger, originally bottled essence. I wore more of my current little sample last week than I normally do as a result. My first experience with LOTS of AL'O! Whew! Just like after an April shower, cold but refreshing.
  9. melodyjayne's Avatar
    Nice one!
    My order is on its way today, the seller sent me a sweet email about how her parents had bought it for her on a trip to paris, but she much prefers chanel beige which i am guessing she will purchase now : )
    I cant wait to actually spray this, too, so far its just been dabs from my sample : )


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