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Miss Dior Cherie - Strawberry Oh Wow!

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So I've finally gotten around to testing out the sample I got months ago of Miss Dior Cherie. I was testing mostly because I rolled my eyes when strawberry was a listed note in the new Valentino Valentina scent and wanted to test the note in other frags before I committed to such haughty dislike. So here goes...

A notes list for MDC on Basenotes includes mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn, wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli.

On the top I get the strawberry - strong synthetic strawberry in fact reminiscent of the body shop strawberry line. It has a much lighter, greener and more effervescent quality than I expected which takes the scent to the back of your throat. I initially noted a 'green' tinge to the berry, probably from use of strawberry leaf and violet. Its not nearly as fruit-sweet as I expected but rather replaces sugar with butter. Completely at odds with the effervescent thing but there you go. Perfume.

As it sits on the skin a warmth develops in the background which again I'm getting in the back of the throat again and it has a vaguely smokey aspect to it. When I was first testing I thought this was just the buttery, but looking at a notes list the smokey warmth is probably my interpretation of the caramel note. There's nothing in there I can pick out as jasmine or sorbet inspired. Its an impossibly happy scent and it wears great on the skin.

After two hours or so the strawberry is muted and less green and the butteriness is gone leaving a 'sort of sweet, sort or warm, strawberry' thing. I am impressed that I'm still getting distinct, albeit altered, stawberry this long after the top. The warmth is the world's cleanest musk (and patchouli?) combo ever which are merely a vehicle for the strawberry notes which hangs on until the happy cheerfully annoying end.

It smells very nice and pretty, and had none of the garish sluttiness of some fruit based frags out there. I would say its a great piece of work, to remove the sugar from a strawberry replace it with butter and have it remain in there that long is quite impressive. I also really enjoyed the smokey caramel for the 5 minutes it lasted. In its later stages however MDC did annoy me a bit. Miss Dior Cherie proves that strawberry can be happy and inoffensive without smelling cheap or boring but it is very much the scent of a girl and not something I'd want to waltz around in again.

Strawberry = interesting possibilities but I'm not yet convinced its a note that embodies the dangerous sexy femme vision of Valentino. Judgement still out.
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