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Sample Choir

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I'm fortunate in my friends. Besides the samples I've bought, I've been given many more - some several years ago and many more, lately.

When I had a couple of dozen samples, I kept them in boxes. Filling the boxes about half full of little plastic pellets lets the samples stand up nicely. (I originally saw this idea suggested by 30roses.) But now I have more than 100 sample bottles and some are in odd sizes.

I made a sample choir to keep everything organized and easy to reach. It's based on the perfumer's choir (which has been discussed on the DIY forum). But tall thin sample bottles really need to sit in holes to avoid falling over. So I made this out of Styrofoam. It's easier to work and less expensive than wood. Also weighs much less. And it provided practice at cutting & fitting pieces along 60-degree angles. If I eventually make a perfumer's choir out of wood, this practice piece should reduce my errors.

I used three pieces of Styrofoam, each 36" x 12" x 1". I bought them for about $4.00 each at local craft shops. I made all the cuts with a hand-held electric jigsaw. I put the pieces together with glue that the craft shop sells for Styrofoam. My cutting wasn't very precise, especially when I started. So some of the corners had gaps. I filled those with spackle from a hardware store. After I painted it with the type of paint that's sold for plastic model cars the imperfections weren't so noticeable.

I made the holes that the smallest bottles sit in with a 5/16" wood drill bit. Styrofoam is soft enough that I just placed the point where I wanted a hole and rotated the bit by hand. I made a few larger holes with a 3/8" drill bit. And I chiseled holes for some square and oval bottles with a screw driver.

Now I can start sampling all these great fragrances. Thanks again.


  1. Aiona's Avatar
    How cute! What a lovely idea!


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