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Great use for perfume

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In a short time of perfume obsession, I've amassed a scarrily large amount of samples and scents. Many of which I like perfectly well, but just don't really wear so I went searching for alternative uses for the stuff. My absolute favourite, using a couple drops to scent your bath water, came from Katie Puckrik's Blog -

Great idea and works really well. I first tried Songes by Annick Goutal. I had a tester in splash bottle and found the scent on the skin to be soft and to almost entirely disappear within an hour... I don't have any spray bottles so I don't know if that might give the perfume more impact though. Anyway, just two drops in the bath water and it created a wonderful scent and filled the bathroom. Oh wow! Can't wait to try this with some other scents.


  1. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Cool idea & thanks.
  2. lil mo's Avatar
    or a few drops on the shower floor..the steam releases fragrance
  3. ECaruthers's Avatar
    I tried a variation. I sprayed the tile wall of my tub - not where the shower spray would hit but where heat and steam could accelerate its spread. Not only a great shower but nice smells the rest of the day.

    Thanks again.


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