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AVON Splendour Eau de Cologne !

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I'm " Looking " for AVON'S Splendour Eau de Cologne. If ANYONE has any PLEASE let me know, I'll PAY you OR " Swap " with you, you see I REALLY want my AVON Splendour ! Thanks....


  1. Robin-in-FL's Avatar
    I see some on Ebay...
  2. 30 Roses's Avatar
    You could post this on Fragrances Wanted in the Basenotes Marketplace too.
  3. MrLenny1979's Avatar
    I can ? How ? Thanks...
  4. 30 Roses's Avatar

    The third forum on the list is Fragrances Wanted.

    Read the rules first....but having been a member since 2009 you qualify to post in the Marketplace.
  5. MrLenny1979's Avatar
    Hi, well thank you however it's NOT allowing me because they are saying they are NOT excepting new posts at this time, what is THAT all about ? LOL Thank you though, all the best....
  6. 30 Roses's Avatar
    How odd! It said the same thing when I tried posting a new thread now. Is this a glitch or is the board having maintenance done on it in some way? I don't know. I'll post about it on the Community Center board.

    EDIT: I tried it again and now it is working, just a minute or so after I tried earlier. There must be a glitch. Try again, MrLenny1979.
  7. Snifter's Avatar
    If you're comfortable using eBay, there are quite a few listed there (priced $30-40 USD)... Good luck with your search! I know what it's like to have a favorite fragrance discontinued


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