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SOTD - Wednesday 28 Sept 2011

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Very nostalgic this week. Another high school memory.



  1. Pamplelune's Avatar
    I missed your post about Guirlandes after the thread was locked down, so thanks for the description! There are still bottles of it in Jasina, my local treasure trove, if you ever need more! Now I am inspired to smell it!

    (ps I wore Anais Anais in my teenage years too)
  2. odioustoilet's Avatar
    You want High Scholl memories? Try a very awesome song like Hang On by Crowded House!
  3. Nostalgie's Avatar
    This one unleashes all sorts of fond memories for me, too.
  4. Fleurine's Avatar
    I think I am going put on Anais Anais and listen to Crowded House simultaneously...


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