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The Journey So Far vol.5

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Just like I had been a long-time fan of Serge Lutens's make-up artistry, I had also been a big fan of Comme des Garçons clothes and couldn't wait to try the CdG scents. In 2003 it was still impossibly difficult to get samples of them, so I did my first CdG buys blind. CdG is the biggest house in my scent collection, but the first one I tried and got remains my favourite: the original Comme des Garçons EdP. I love the way the house has explored various themes in their several series and produced different interpretations of "leaves", "red", "incense", "sherbet", "synthetic" etc.

I had never heard of Etro before, but after receiving a sample of Messe de Minuit (which turned out to be a soulmate scent) I got very interested in the house and its offerings. I ended up collecting several of these rather odd, museum-like scents, which appeal to my bookwormish nature.

L'Artisan was another new name for me, and the scent that made me a fan was DZING! the animalic evocative sawdust scent that reminds me of a drafty attic shared with warm felines. Another standout was Voleur de Roses which smelled like warm, damp earth after a summer rain. I find L'Artisan scents "mood scents", they are mostly light and easy-to-wear despite their unusualness, great for work and travel.

Gobin Daudé was the first (and so far also the last) house whose every single scent I had to have. There were only five of them, though, but usually in every house (or CdG series) there is at least one scent that doesn't take my fancy, Gobin Daudé is the exception of this rule. These scents were unlike anything I had smelled before, the two greens Sous le Buis and Sève Exquise were hyperrealistic reproductions of a lush garden (SlB in daytime, SE at night), Jardins Ottomans of an orange and lemon grove, sunny and earthy, Biche dans l'Absinthe of an antique shop or men's club with its aromatic-herbal leather and tobacco notes and my favourite Nuit au Désert of a campfire, a true burning woods smell.

At this point I doubled my collection, and the next year it doubled again. Then things started to slow down and my wishlist which had so far been just growing and growing, strated to shrink.

Which was nice.

To be continued...


  1. DebraJean's Avatar
    What did you think of White? I found it to be rather synthetic & was never told I smelled good when I wore it. I wonder now what I would think of it having learned so much more about perfumes.
  2. tigrushka's Avatar
    I love it, don't find it synthetic at all and have often got compliments while wearing it.

    It might be it simply doesn't suit you, but if you are in doubt, I recommend retesting. There's no other way to find out whether you like it or not.


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