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The beginning of the most wonderfull time of the year (For perfume) with Chanel's Egoiste

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It's fall, and many will agree with me that this is the best time to dust off your most daring and powerfull fragrances. This is the time of year I love because most of the scents I love, don't really do well in the summer. Nobody wants to be choked out by a cloud of Opium pour homme EDP right?!

So about a month ago, as it was getting colder, I took out Givenchy's Pi. I had'nt smelled this for over 8 months and I forgot how good it is! This made me think about what to buy next for the winter since I really love oriental/gourmand fragrances. Something came to mind I tried this summer (I remember it because it was a hot and sunny day and it really jumped off my skin) Egoiste by Chanel. At the time this was much to strong to really wear but I kept it in the back of my mind since I did like it, I just could never get away with it in the heat. (I find it hard enough to find a time and place for Opium pour homme EDT in the summer. And it's my fav scent!) Last week I thought the time was right to go for it and I am loving it! It's the perfect fall scent for me. Although the opening is pretty powerfull and it has a typical 90's powerhouse feel to it, it dies down to more of a classy vanilla and cinnamon scent. This is not a bad thing if you want to wear this to work. I only had compliments on the dry down. Nobody liked the opening and I do understand this.

Around here in the Netherlands, people tend to go for the Le Male's and the One Million's and don't look any further in fragrance history. Most people like clean and shouting fragrances but I don't (I like to be clean though!). I feel a fragrance should be more personal and complex when you wear it. Not because a tv ad says it's cool or awesome. Now I must admit I own One Million and to me it's only good for one thing, and it does the job, but outside the clubbing scene I'd like something that really keeps me interested.

What I'd like to know from you guys is: What's on your to buy/test list, this fall/winter?



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