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"The Divatologist Perfume Application Method" Part I

Oh yes sports fans, it's finally available for all to ponder at your leisure. The infamous "Divatologist Perfume Application Method" is available. I really just wanted to have a blog entry....*giggle* Seriously, I believe that applying a few of my tips will increase the longevity of your favorite scents. It will also help improve the overall appearance of your skin.

There are those that scoff at "The Divatologist Perfume Application Method". All I ask is that you at least try it before you go run and tell folks it doesn't work. I'm not promising that it will help everyone. What have you go to lose? Do me a favor please? I know it's a long read, but then again most blogs are. Please, please, please read the entire thing. Many overlooked alot of things when I posted this before. This can attribute to why this may have not worked for most. It even prompted someone to do a little experiment...that was so cute. I have added a little here and there. So, make sure you read the entire blog.

There are many things that can cause a perfume not to last long on the skin. I however believe it has alot to do with how you cleanse and moisturize your skin. I don't care how many sprays you give yourself, if your skin isn't clean it won't make a difference. Now since you are open to suggestions, you're more than welcome to try some of my skin regimens.

First let me explain some things about the skin. We do lose a thin layer of skin each and every day. We have microbes that are resident, as in they are always there. We have those that are transient. Transients are transported to the skin and can be washed away. Now the resident microbes are what make up your body chemistry. The resident microbes are your natural body oils. The resident microbes are what the hound dog is sniffing out when he's looking for the bad guy. These are unique to you and are always with you. I don't care what you hear them say on here about not washing so much or you will wash away your precious oils. Please believe me when I say that you can never wash them away. They will be there even after you have soaked or been in the water for hours. You can wash your hands for an hour and you will still be able to make a fingerprint afterwards. Just think about it. Can skin be sterilized? Uh No! OK moving on. l will try to relate this to all types as much as I can. Knowing this about the skin brings us to why it's important to cleanse the skin well and keep it moisturized.

As a perfume/cologne wearer, it's imortant to cleanse the skin daily. Your goal is to achieve maxium exfoliation. Think about it. You have layer upon layer of dead skin cells, plus whatever your skin has picked up throughout the day, and whatever products you may have used ie..lotion, perfume, etc. So, it's important to remove all of this from your skin, cause it will play an important part in sillage and longevity. It's important to shower daily with a nice thick wash cloth or sponge or glove. Just make sure it can scrub and remove the ills of the day and all that dead skin. Now, you can shower 3 times a day and will never get as clean as you can get from a good soak and a scrub down in your tub. Trust me. The shower does not get it all.

If you have dry skin, it is very important that you exfoliate very well and moisturize. Dry skin just eats up a frag and then flakes away. 9 times out of 10 it doesn't even reach your pores in order to really mix with your body chemistry. Dry skin doesn't give the frag much to cling to. Oily skin should be cleansed very well too. The moisturizing part is not as important because they don't have a problem with dry skin. They do however have a problem with those transient microbes. That oily skin picks up anything and everything and it definitely has something to cling to. So, it's important that they cleanse deeply because sometimes this type of skin can be prone to breakouts as well. Normal skin should be cleansed well and moisturized as well. Those with normal and oily skin can use a light lotion, but those with dry skin should use heavier lotions that will last throughout the day. Now I mention the cleansing because it plays an important part in how your frag mixes with your body chemistry. What you want is for the frag to mix with your body chemistry and not the left over skin and things you didn't wash away. That's why I mention the resident and transient microbes. Alot of people don't realize that those transient buggers can cause some serious sillage and longevity problems. So, you have to get rid of them and let your newly replaced and well cleansed skin receive your frag. Mositurizing plays a role in the sillage and longevity in that it helps the frag to get down into the skin and not just float on the top to be wiped away or just evaporate into thin air. You should spray your frag on first and then apply your lotion. That way the scent is sent even farther into your skin with your lotion allowing the frag to be released over and over again throughout the day ie..sillage. You see, your body replaces the skin everyday. It also secretes oils to protect the skin. Some of us excrete more than others. Hence the different types of skin, but the oils are always there. Because you applied that lotion on top of freshly scented skin, it will get down deep and mix with your body's oils (chemistry) and make it's way out in fragrant bursts throughout the day. Hence, those sudden burst of fragrance throughout the day.

Now, you will hear all types of ways to apply frags. However they want to put it on, it all ends up on the skin. Don't believe the hype OK. Spray to your liking, but don't worry about crushing precious molecules and walking into perfume clouds. It's all just foolishness. Those same folks that walk into those clouds will be in another thread talking about how their frags don't last on them. Let me tell you something. Perfume is a liquid in a bottle. You can shake it up or spray it sideways and upside down. It won't change the scent. You can also rub your perfume into your skin. That won't mess up the frag either. Lawd where do they come up with this stuff LMAO!! Ask these people if they spray air freshner in the air and stand there and hold the cloud so it doesn't move and wait for the room to walk through it LOL!! Please OK! Ask them if they spray cleaner on the sink or tub and let it stay there without moving it. I mean does the liquid magically move around and clean the surface or do you have to get down in there with a sponge and scrub that sink and tub to get it clean. It's just a liquid. You spray air freshner in the air and it spreads out and it still smells like it's suppose to. It doesn't last long cause it didn't have too much to cling to. Just spray your frag all over and rub it in good so it gets down into your pores to mix with that body chemistry. Thats how you get sillage. That's how you get longevity.


  1. newday117's Avatar
    Yes I agree. I have dry skin and I have really got to work with the moisturizing and layering the fragrances.
    And I am LMAO girl, because you are really, really thorough. Thank you for the post.
  2. RuRu's Avatar
    Great blog entry! LMAO
  3. petritheturtle's Avatar
    Thanks so much this was so helpful for me.
  4. Divatologist's Avatar
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. Beautiful skin and beautiful perfume go hand and hand.
  5. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Great reads, now maybe my No. 5 will last more than two and a half hours! Diva, are you a dermatologist??
  6. Divatologist's Avatar
    No, sunnyfunny I'm not a dermatologist, but I am in school for nursing. I have a touch of OCD lol. It's just years of trial and error. I finally came upon a formula that works. Let me know how it works out for you. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
  7. angelica's Avatar
    Hilarious! And useful too.Thanks!
  8. silverbullet's Avatar
    I have dry skin but don't like that oily, greasy feeling after moisturizing, any suggestions? BTW, I use Dove moisturing bath soap for sensitive skin.
  9. Divatologist's Avatar
    I use Jergens Ultra Healing. It's for very dry skin, but it's not greasy at all. I mix this with Eucerin Intensive Repair. The Eucerin is greasy, but mix it with the Jergens leaves a glow instead of a greasy mess. Don't worry about the scent of the Jergens. It doesn't last more than 20 mins.
  10. mickey4paws's Avatar
    Very interesting, especially about putting the scent on first, then the moisturizer. I will definitely try it out tomorrow after my shower. One question though, doesn't the scent of the moisturizer cover up the perfume?
  11. Divatologist's Avatar
    The moisturizer won't cover the scent. It's hard to explain kind of, but here we go. The moisturizer and the perfume are obsorbed into your skin. Throughout the course of the day your body secretes oils onto the skin. Now, how much the body secretes determines one's skin type eg: dry, oily, combination, etc. No matter what the skin type, everyone's body goes through this. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned body chemistry and how no matter how long you staid in the tub or how hard you scrubbed you can't wash this away. How this helps in my application method is, The skin absorbs the perfume, then it's protected by a layer of lotion, and then you add another application of perfume. See, part of the perfume is absorbed and part just evaporates over time. As your 2nd application fades/evaporates, your first application will reappear throughout the day by means of your own body's secretion. That's where your longevity comes in. Your well absorbed layer will inch it's way out in your secretions giving you bursts of fragrance throughout the day. Putting on lotion is not like wrapping your body in plastic. Your fragrance will still shine through. If you're wearing the lotion that comes with your frag, then it will be that much better. Most lotions are lightly scented or unscented, but not scented enough to interfere with your frag. Well, not in my case anyway. I use Jergens Ultra Healing and that scent has never lasted more than 10 mins on me. It doesn't alter the scent of my frag because it's not a "perfumed lotion". It's just scented. There's a difference between the 2.
  12. Larwiz's Avatar
    You really had me rolling @ Lawd where do they come up with this stuff LMAO!! Ask these people if they spray air freshner in the air and stand there and hold the cloud so it doesn't move and wait for the room to walk through it LOL!!

    Too funny!
  13. Cyn's Avatar
    I love this post! It makes much more sense when one knows the "why" behind the reason!


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