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The Random Fragrance Project

RFP Day 1: Beautiful

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The die rolled in my favor last night: the random number generator chose Beautiful by Estee Lauder for me. My favorite! Yay!

But! I've worn this one before. So, according to the rules of this project, I have to randomly select my layering lotion. Deep breath, submit. And?

Bodycology Sweet Petals body cream. Not my favorite - it's pretty strong and I'm a skin-scent kind of girl. (Yes, even with the Estee Lauder scents. I just use less.)

Gamely, I slather on the Sweet Petals and am hit with a strong, sweet note. Cherry? Cotton candy? I'm not sure, but it's overpowering until it fades to a sweet, indistinct floral. Let it sink it, top with Beautiful, and I'm ready for the day (and hoping that today's first graders will let any scent-based oddities go unremarked.)

As I'm heading out the door, Spouse comments on how good I smell. He never notices when I'm wearing scents. Did I overdo?

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The Random Fragrance Project



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