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The Random Fragrance Project

RFP Day 2: Amazing Grace

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I've just reapplied this one with a fairly heavy hand and I still couldn't tell you what it smells like. If I hold my wrist up to my nose, I can tell that I'm wearing something that registers as perfume and gives me a lingering hint of sweetness, almost as if I've spent the morning baking sugar cookies then spent the afternoon outside, but as soon as I'm not literally against my skin, I can't smell a thing.

A few minutes in, the scents a bit more noticeable after the second application. Still not nuts about this one. It's not offensive, but it's no inspiring, either. There's a slight, almost lemony citrus note in amidst the generic floral, I think, but the overall statement seems to be "I am wearing perfume."

Maybe it's the application method - my sample came in a splash bottle and it's an EdT. Next time I'm downtown, I'll see if spraying this one on makes any difference at all (although I vastly prefer the control of dabbing.)

We're going to a late birthday dinner tonight. If the second application lasts as poorly as the first, I may have a Day 2.5 entry to report.



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