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The Random Fragrance Project

RFP Day 3: La Source

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It was supposed to be a lazy Saturday; instead, it wound up being Errand Day complete with gassing up the car in sub-zero temperatures and coffee that ran out before my errands did.

Good thing I had this body lotion on - a gift - to help me find my zen. Repeatedly. Even when I wanted to bring my grocery cart to ramming speed. (I don't shop well, which is why nearly all of my commerce is now conducted online.)

Crabtree and Evelyn's La Source line (I used the relaxing body lotion) is supposed to evoke "sea air" which it does, vaguely. Perhaps it's the algae that C&E says this stuff contains. If I were naming it, I'd probably call it Sea Glass, since it suggests the sea, but does so fairly subtly and evokes "fresh and clean" as much as anything for me. The scent has good staying power in this formulation - I can still smell it almost 8 hours after application - and I'll probably replace it when it's used up, but it's not a show-stopper by any means. As an everyday, clean skin scent, though, I vastly prefer La Source to yesterday's Amazing Grace.



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