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What Basenotes is made from

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I can't sleep, but I'm to tired to do anything constructive, so I'm going to post a list of all the things I really couldn't do without -- the software and websites I need to make basenotes with.

Firstly, my trusty iMac. (this one here - though mine isn't always up to these crazy tricks), without which I'd be pretty stuffed. I also like my eeepc, which is pretty useful for catching up with email (gmail) and my rss feeds (Google reader) when I'm doing my full time dad duties.

Write stuff with Writeroom (it lets you blank out the rest of the screen so no distractions), code and ftp with Coda (almost worth buying a mac for). FTP also with Fetch.

Graphic Converter, and Automator serve my graphic and processing needs. Firefox is my browser of choice. Google Calendar and Toodledo helps remind me what I should be doing, even if I'm not doing it.

Shouts must go out to my aging version of Filemaker 5, which keeps all the fragrances in the database. Quicksilver is just amazing for saving time, and Stumble Upon plugin is pretty good for wasting time.
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  1. bluesoul's Avatar
    Pretty cool, I always enjoy reading "behind the scenes" stuff like this. Still haven't been able to pull the trigger on a Mac, I could transition over fine but Windows is too damn convenient. Same reason why I never went full into Linux.

    Writeroom makes me laugh, I like the concept. Coda seems pretty thorough but I'm so used to Dreamweaver...

    The Graphic Converter makes sense, Automator is one of the huge boons to Mac users and I absolutely love the concept.

    And yes, I keep hearing about how I can't live without Quicksilver.
  2. Grant's Avatar
    @bluesoul I used to be a dreamweaver fan, but over the years i tended to find myself in code view all the time anyway. Plus the price difference was a big decider!

    Automator is great for lots of stuff. What I mainly use it for is converting 200x200 .tiff images for the directory in to jpegs, plus making medium and small thumbnails for them.

    This must be really boring for most people, sorry!
  3. Astaroth's Avatar
    Boring? Hell no. I love stuff like this. But then I've been a serious code-head most of my life, so I can appreciate it.


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