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100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 33: The End

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So here we are. 99 suggestions down. Because this has meandered for way longer than I thought it would, I wanted to make an easy-to-read list for my own sake, but Basenotes won't let me post a blog entry that long, so I guess I can't.

Frankly, Iíve surprised myself. For instance, Iíve never considered Bulgari to be a very notable house, but theyíve made this list three times. Of course, I intentionally avoided getting caught up making a list of the most notable classic feminine perfumes by focusing this project on a menís point of view, so there are many truly amazing scents that are blatently missing. And I wanted this to be educational and not just a compendium of perfumeís greatest hits (though many notable ďhitsĒ did make the list), which has led to some strangeness (yeah, I know Ė Habit Rouge didnít make the list, but Fierce did?!?). Guerlain is the unsurprising winner with seven entries, while Comme Des Garcons gets second place.

With 99 suggestions done, whatís number 100? I honestly have no idea. Iíve had many scents that almost made it but that I left off because they werenít necessarily the best possible examples for the points I was trying to make. Both Acqua di Parmaís Colonia and Guerlainís Habit Rouge have been suggested in the comments, and theyíre both definitely worth a sniff. But, in the end, I think Iím going to go out with another piece of advice:

100. Re-sniff your samples

I have to admit something. There are many scents in this list that I hated when I first smelled. Sure, there are some I still donít like, but what I found fascinating was how many I had written off when I first smelled them years ago that I really liked a lot wearing them again in order to write about them here, with a better trained and more receptive nose. Iíve learned an awful lot in the past couple of years, most of which Iíve tried to pass along in this blog, and I was surprised at how many things I thought were weird or too girly or that I simply didnít understand smelled great re-wearing them as I wrote this huge list.

So, my final piece of advice is to go back and try the perfumes you wrote off a long time ago Ė I can almost guarantee that youíll be surprised and end up finding a new favorite.

And, with that, I guess Iím done. This turned out to be way more work than I thought it would be. When I didnít have samples of something I wanted to write about, I had to run to the city to try things on, and I had a lot of fun reading everything I could get my hands on. Itís an old adage: The best way to learn a lot about something is to teach someone about it, and thatís proven true for me, though Iím not enough of a self-important jackass to think Iíve actually taught anyone anything with this silly experiment. Honestly, Iím a little sad that more people didnít disagree with me, which is my only regret. While my ego enjoys the nice supportive comments, I was hoping that more people would figure out that I really donít know what Iím talking about and that it would have led to a little more conversation.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I suppose Iíll get back to doing my little reviews againÖ



  1. mr. reasonable's Avatar
    Bravo rogalal!

    Great stuff and a lot of fun - thanks for a terrific series, I have really enjoyed seeing the new installments popping up from week to week.
  2. Cylob's Avatar
    Thanks for this great series...
    I'd say someone should release this in bookform.
    Well done!
  3. Birdboy48's Avatar
    As a relative newbie I want to add my gratitude and appreciation for all the time and effort you put into this series. It was an education, and more : A great and marvelously considered read as well. I hope there is a "views" counter somewhere, which testifies to the number of folks which followed it as it unfolded, as I know there were many more that took the time to comment here.

    Once again, Thanks.
  4. cello's Avatar
    Well done Rogalal! I've got a sample list now, as there are plenty here that I have not sampled.

    Now, get back to Sample of the are missed!!!
  5. DuNezDeBuzier's Avatar
    I just read them all, back to front, and with old spice up and down one arm AND vintage edc no. 5 up and down the other... I just want to say Thank You for the great read!
  6. morrison74's Avatar
    I also really enjoyed reading this series of blogs! Thank you!
  7. rogalal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DuNezDeBuzier
    I just read them all, back to front, and with old spice up and down one arm AND vintage edc no. 5 up and down the other... I just want to say Thank You for the great read!
    You're now officially my new favorite!
  8. HORNS's Avatar
    I've gone out and smelled so many perfumes just because of your inspiring write-ups. Thank you for this labor of love!
  9. Made in California's Avatar
    Just read through all your entries. Great job, I loved your writing style. You're the perfect person to do a list like this.


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