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Kingdom Replacement 2... DUNE

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Classic Dior - and I was surprised that Dior was a recommendation from anyone who loved Kingdom. None the less I was thrilled when a bottle was gifted to me on behalf of a grandmother who found a bottle of the stuff in the back of her closet and never wears it. Scary that friends are now thinking while grandma is cleaning out her 'too stinky' perfumes, "Hey, I know who might love this!" Anyhoo...

So, again like Rose 31, it's not that Dune smells anything like Kingdom but in some strange way there are cousin scents. It is very fresh and salty off the top, and strikes me as a wonderful summer scent, without the typical dose of Ozone. Also, there's something in the salty nature of the scent that also makes it very dry, more desert sand with hay than beach sand with palm fronds. For once the marketing appears to be spot on because the first ad I could find for this is a very tanned young woman clearly dressed for the beach who is instead romping about on some desert sand dunes. Strange... So the top notes are fresh, salty, sandy, slightly sweaty body who put on something citrusy before leaving the house and breaking a sweat. It doesn't sound pleasant at all, but I really do enjoy it.

I quite liked the opening but after donning my heavy winter coat and heading off to the dusty library for a day of reading I completely forgot about this scent. I don't remember again thinking of it once. The thing I loved so very much about Kingdom was its development and presence. I will have to give this another test run. No matter what I doubt Dune will ever be a winter scent for me, while Kingdom was so achingly clear and relentless that without being at all 'warm' it could easily stand up to winter chill I don't think Dune can do the same.

I've nearly exhausted my tester of Rose31 and I can't decide if I want to splash the cash for a FB. I love it truly I do, but it is very soapy and smells more like a personal aura than a perfume. Then again I don't always want to scream to everyone within 20 paces - "Hey, wearing PERFUME over here!" But 140 to smell like an Aura isn't really in the cards atm and it requires quite a liberal hand in order to make even a small impact and I see a bottle disappearing VERY quickly... I am in desperate need of a Winter scent. I've been looking into my stash every morning for the past 2 weeks and everything seems to very summery...



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