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Mystery of Oils...

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I purchased the 'Lisa's Hair Elixer' from the Carol's Daughter line and it's taken me for quite the ride. Initially, I found the peppermint scent so overwhelming that a dime sized amount brushed through my hair cancelled out the scent of ANY perfume I'd sprayed on my wrist. Woah! If not for it's hefty price tag and the fact that my hair feels silky and wonderful I'd have tossed the bottle.

Then later than night I was brushing my hair before bed and the most wonderful scent was coming from my bed-time braid. It was so warm and spicy but clean. I promptly brushed my hair forward and created my own little tent of scent. Yes, I'm a dork and I'm ok with that. Come this morning the lovely scent was gone but I desperately wanted to recapture it. Thinking the ingredients in the stuff were 'all natural' I checked the bottle which included: soybean oil, sweet almond oil, olive fruit oil, peppermint oil, sage oil, rosemary leaf oil and (dum, Dum, DUUUUMM!) fragrance! Damnit! And here I was planning a trip to the local Organic Foods Health Store to stock up on sage oil...

In a most sad attempt to figure out what was so magical and in that oil and if it can be reproduced my current scent of the day is Carol's Daughter's 'Lisa's Hair Elixer'. That's right folks, I have hair elixer rubbed into my skin. I have to see if that wonderful end of day hair scent is replicable on skin so I can dissect it and find a perfume with similar ingredients. See, told you I was a dork.

So far that AGGRESSIVE peppermint is just as annoying on skin as it was in my hair. It does have a warmer quality to it which makes it more 'winter fresh' and foody than I expected. If I'm honest, my first scent association was a dark chocolate peppermint patty but with no effervescence you usually associate with mint of any type. The peppermint dies down but doesn't disappear and is joined by a warm fruitiness which must be from the olive oil and that 'chemical scent' which I associate with playdough or possibly Vaseline. According to the label there is absolutely no petroleum or parabens so maybe that's just what oils always smell like.

The peppermint is still going along for the ride but the fruity olive oil is gone and there's a tinge of what could be the sage in there which is taking the scent towards my night time hair sniffy orgazma. But it has nothing like the rich earthy scent that was coming from my locks. I'll give it til the close of business but I'm thinking maybe the magic is only possible on my head...



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