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Creed Perfumes - Should I or shouldn't I?

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I've never even smelled a Creed perfume, but when I'm next in London, I'm going to test a few. Do you aficionados have any recommendations for me, Creed wise? My personal tastes range from Agent Provocateur and Diane (the new Von Furstenberg) to Gucci Rush, Elie Saab and J'Adore. Which Creed, if any, will I like? Thank you, oh wise fellow perfumeheads!


  1. icanzapyou's Avatar
    I'm no where near an afficionado, but common sense tells me you should try the ones that aren't super common or mainstream. Since your nose can only handle so much in one trip, maybe rule out Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperiale, Aventus, Silver Mountain Water. Try the royal exclusives, royal oud which is pretty new, pamplemousse, even feuilles verte isn't as common, overall the unique-r stuff. I don't know Creed too well so I certainly don't know the feminine scents, but hopefully someone can point you in the right direction.
  2. Wee Scottish Scent Lover's Avatar
    Dear Icanzapyou
    Thank you for this advice. I really appreciate it! The names Creed have given their fragrances aren't the most appealing, are they? But I still keep reading reviews by people who rave about the perfumes. Must try. Have a good day :0)
  3. saadhumayun's Avatar
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  4. Virtue&Sin's Avatar
    After looking at your wardrobe, I think you might enjoy: if still available, Vanille Sublime; always a classic, Fleurissimo; matching with several notes from your collection, Neroli Sauvage and/or Original Santal; for a twist, yet next to MDC and beautiful as well, Spring Flower or Ambre Cannelle.
  5. mcolson's Avatar
    I think Spring Flowers is the best one by far. Just a gorgeous floral fragrance. You can't go wrong with a name like that; you're getting exactly what it says.
  6. Wee Scottish Scent Lover's Avatar
    Thanks, all for your advice. My first "cult" fragrance was Molecule 01, which I think lives up to its hype, judging by the reaction of people at work! Oh, and I have a Bond No 9 Bon Bon box. Too much gorgeousness in that box to decide which I love most.


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