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A Cold and Dismal Day

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Those cold, dark days of almost-winter are back, albeit in fits and starts. As usual at this time, I find myself reaching for something warm, woodsy, and peppery. Will it be Coup de Fouet? Even Yatagan? No, today my scent is Flower Oriental. Most peppery scents utilize the almost ubiquitous pink pepper (or its synthetic equivalent). Some, like Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo V., use the black. Flower Oriental uses sichuan pepper, even hotter than the others. Matched with headspace kyara incense (a form of oud), it's unbeatable in dispelling the autumnal blues. So how does pepper work for you when it's cold?


  1. RyanNY's Avatar
    Coincidentally I just wrote a post about Sarah Jessica Parker's new Lovely Collection, and the Twilight fragrance from the collection has Pink Pepper in it.


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