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Thoughts on Badgley Mischka EdP

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Impulsively and regrettably, I swapped a full bottle of Hypnotic Poison for a full bottle of Badgley Mischka, unsniffed. It was spring, and I wanted a change. I already had a bottle of Hypnotic Poison parfum, and felt the EDT was going unused. I wanted to shed my heavy, gothy, rosey, tuberose, and decadent notes for something just as sophisticated but sweet, fresh, fun, different. The review in Perfumes: the A-Z Guide made Badgley Mischka sound like the perfect fit- a gorgeous and sophisticated fruity floral.

I can be traditional in that I love unabashed, feminine florals, many of which do fall into the "fruity floral" category. However, I don't particularly like fruit notes except for peach, and only when it is an accent, not the focus. Badgley Mischka is all fruit, as Sanchez says, "a big, breathtakingly gorgeous fruity top note". Well, the adjectives work if you like fruit, but if you don't, replace gorgeous with stressful and you have my reaction upon receiving a full bottle in the mail. I immediately had swapper's regret, and have missed my Hypnotic Poison EdT ever since.

Today my Badgley Mischka is once again headed out for swap, and I've tested it just to remember my reaction. Anything is easier to appreciate when you know it will soon be gone, and so this time, I notice the jasmine middle notes, and the patchouli base and woody dry down. As far as fruity florals go, this one really is sophisticated, and would stand out among the other department store fruity florals as chic, subtle, and glamorous. However, those fresh, fruity, synthetic top notes still nag me, and I will not regret sending it off to someone else who will hopefully appreciate it more than me.



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