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the power of scent

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Found this short video the other day, and of course it brought me right back here. The video says it all, really:


  1. Tucansam's Avatar
    Perfumes have given me solace in my life and dealing with difficult experiances often helps me cope and truly reminds me of all that is beautiful in this world
  2. lisa16's Avatar
    Oh yes-- that is exactly what struck me about this little clip! Well said :-)

    What a beautiful thing that must have been.
  3. Tucansam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lisa16
    Oh yes-- that is exactly what struck me about this little clip! Well said :-)

    What a beautiful thing that must have been.
    This had some scientific facts concerning moods and fragrances
    Thought you might be interested
  4. lisa16's Avatar
    That was a very interesting read-- thanks. Especially the parts about mood, healing and the immune system.

    There is this poem, written by this wonderful poet that I love. Interesting, again, for the power of scent to transcend death and fear... took a few liberties with the translation, I am afriad.

    Juana de Ibarbourou

    Caronte: yo seré un escándalo en tu barca.
    Mientras las otras sombras recen, giman, o lloren,
    y bajo tus miradas de siniestro patriarca
    las tímidas y tristes, en bajo acento, oren,

    yo iré como una alondra cantando por el río
    y llevaré a tu barca mi perfume salvaje,
    e irradiaré en las ondas del arroyo sombrío
    como una azul linterna que alumbrara en el viaje.

    Por más que tú no quieras, por más guiños siniestros
    que me hagan tus dos ojos, en el terror maestros,
    Caronte, yo en tu barca seré como un escándalo,

    Y extenuada de sombra, de valor y de frío,
    cuando quieras dejarme a la orilla del río
    me bajarán tus brazos cual conquista de vándalo.

    English Translation
    Charon: I shall be a scandal on your boat.
    While other souls chant, moan and weep--
    While underneath your sinister patriarch's glare,
    Frightened and sad, murmuring, they pray

    I shall go like a lark singing on the river,
    And I will take to your boat my savage perfume
    and I will shine upon the waves of the dark stream
    like a blue lantern to light the way.

    However much you disapprove, however much
    your evil eyes convey their mastery of terror,
    Charon, I shall be like a scandal on your boat.

    And when I'm weak from darkness, valor and cold,
    When you are ready to leave me on the other side of the river,
    Your arms will set me down like a vandal’s conquest.
  5. Tucansam's Avatar
    A very moving poem. I really liked it Very much
  6. lisa16's Avatar
    Not everybody can appreciate poetry, Tucansam. I am glad you liked it :-)

    There was certainly some of this poem in that video. I am always surprised by how deeply a scent can penetrate defenses and overwhelm the senses-- it goes straight towards something vital in us.

    Perhaps one day, when they can measure what is today immeasurable, they will discover that it is somehow an important component of vitality itself?


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