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Scent help needed for june wedding - why not create your own?

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A June wedding - how lovely! Based on the fragrances you have listed, it appears that you like more of an oriental, spicy fragrance with a hint of sporty notes. Elegant, sophisticated and very warm with a hint of juniper and citrus on the top. If you are interested in ever creating your own Custom Scent, why not consider contacting us as we can develop your own scent which would be ideal for all occasions.
Also one reader commented on the TIFFANY FOR MEN fragrance which I helped develop when I was Vice President of Tiffany and worked with Jacques Polge, Chanel perfumer. It is a wonderful oriental fragrance with notes of Amber, Spice with a citrus top note. Very elegant and quite sexy and sensual for men! If you are in the USA it would be easy to get it to you, but can also develop this for you and send it to you wherever you are.
Good luck, Scentfully, Sue Phillips, Scenterprises,

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Hey guys I have been visiting this site for a while now and justrecently decided to join in on all the fun. I have read a lot of helpful tips on here and I hope to be able to contribute as well. Anyways I have been wearing frangrances for quite a few year now (only 25 mind you) but I do not have an elaborate collection. So my question to you guys is what you would recommend I wear to a semi-formal wedding I am going to attend in June it will be at 5pm. The current colognes I have are
-body kouros
-Chanel allure homme sport
-the dreamer
-Polo black
-Brooks brothers NY gentleman
-versace eau fraiche

I was just wondering what you guys think would work well as I do want to impress the ladies. If you could also help me on an idea of how many sprays. Recommendations are greatly appreciated but nothing too pricey please (under $100). Thanks in advance.
Tiffany for Men...class in a bottle, and appropriate IMO for all formal may well consider it for your own wedding, sir. 2-3 sprays on the chest should do it.[/QUOTE]



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