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Ted Lapidus Black Soul Question

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I just got ted lapidus black soul and after applying it within 3 hours nobody can smell it on me. Did I get a fake?? I have heard its lighter than one million but I want to make sure that I did not get a counterfeit like some online retailers sell


  1. Virtue&Sin's Avatar
    Odd... is a strong scent, can last all day if your skin is oily, if not will last with medium projection half day or so, but still people should be able to smell you if they're close enough. Now I don't think is enough to tell you got a "fake"; the juice and bottle itself should be better to confirm, I guess.
  2. fragrance-hunter's Avatar
    If your skin is de-hydrated fragrances will find it harder to stick to your skin, which could be the problem here. Black soul is truely a strong fragrance so I would be suspicious too if it didnt last. Virtue&Sin is right would be alot easier to know if its fake by seeing the bottle. It might not even be fake but an old batch which sometimes happens


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