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What would be your choice for a honeymoon fragrance for men?

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I'm looking for an fragrance for intimacy.


  1. pince_nez's Avatar
    Monsieur de Givenchy would be my top pick. Difficult to get and go for the vintage version (not the Les Mythiques line). It settles close to the skin -- understated in elegance, beautifull light citrus chypre, aloof but warms up later on with an unmistakable Italian vibe.
  2. promqueen's Avatar
    Try "Tsar" by Van Cleef and Arpels. The original-not the one in the ribbed bottle. I would follow any man to the end of the earth who uses this-the trick is not to use too much. I am female, married 25 years
  3. dougczar's Avatar
    If its for your honeymoon, I would ask your new spouse - that is where you would get the "correct" answer!
    I would say Aventus, mostly because it's my wife's favorite, and does pretty well in the warm weather (assuming that is where you will be on your honeymoon). Also, since a honeymoon is about getting away and relaxing, Creed VIW would also be a good fun but classy tropical scent. If its a more formal intimate situation, maybe Polo Black or Acqua di Parma Colonia...
  4. Janinae's Avatar
    If going any worm or medium hot but dry place - Dior Homme. It has the fine quality of lingering sensual dry-down. If going very hot and humid place than Guerlain Vetiver. Both classic, outstanding, memorable and gorgeous. Enjoy your honeymoon.


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