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Choosing a Signature Vetyver

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Sel de Vetyver vs. Etro Vetyver

Sel starts out smelling like I imagine an islay malt distillery does. Briney and smokey. Layer in dry astringent potent vetyver. Very Raw. Then the soapy base comes cleanly to the front of the scene. A salty mineral note is discernable through the still- pungent root and smoke, somehow lending an irish-springish just-showered cleanse. The Etro is just a strong but different in every dimension. Etro begins with a boozy sweet vetyver. This opening fades slowly but stays dominant as the resinous piney middle takes shape. There cedar and other woods here as well as a standard, uninspired by nicely balanced moss base holds the scene together. Ultimately the nod goes to Sel de Vetyver.



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