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Desperate for help please!

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I have visited Basenotes before as a guest and have read the comments from others which led me to buy Serge Lutens MKK - which my Mrs hates. What I am looking for is a very strong aftershave spray which has amazing longevity. I want a masculine smell which smells of earth and nutmeg. I anticipate some of the following ingredients to be in it:- twisting grapefruit, ozone, cedar, vetiver with amber for a distinctly masculine aroma. I want sophistication that you can not buy from the mass market stores - I pride myself on wearing something that most have not heard of - I like the exclusiveness which comes from wearing reputable fine fragrances. I would be much obliged for any help that you may be able to offer


  1. Capone's Avatar
    If you like nutmeg check out Burberry Brit if u want a woodsy forest long lasting scent
    l eau d issey has nutmeg and a more aquatic nature and is one of the longest lasting aquatics
    yves rocher antarctic is also highly rated and great smelling
  2.'s Avatar
    Many thanks


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