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Any cheaper niche brands?

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I am looking for a niche brand that is 30 to 40 in prince range or basically the lowest priced niche brands does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. easykiller's Avatar
    Gendarme and they will send free samples opon request
  2. silentrich's Avatar
    L'Erbolario is a good brand. They make a fragrance called Meharees that is basically Musc Ravengeur without the obnoxious clove note. You can buy a 1.7 oz EDP for around $45 to $50 shipped.
    Gendarme is another good one if you like soapy clean fragrances.
    Sonoma Scents sell many different size bottle for reasonable prices and I believe they're either 20% EDP's or extract.
  3. jennbeck's Avatar
    Tokyo Milk is a great niche brand with very unique scents.


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