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Perfumery Training: Training, Long-Distance Education, Textbooks - Why No Availability?

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Basically you first need to ask yourself this:

1) What kind of perfume would I like to make? (all natural, from scratch, using pre-made blends like soap/candles fragrance oils, using aromachemicals etc.)

2) How much time and money do I have? (professional aromatic materials are expensive and learning to make perfume takes time and perseverance)

3) Do I want to learn it all by myself (self-taught) or do I want to follow a study? If you chose for a study again: would it have to be a short workshop, an in-depth education, a 1 year course, long distance or in person etc. (with different options come different price tags)

4) Do I want to know how fragrance works from a chemical point of view or is my interest merely artistic?

5) Is my goal selling my creations? If the answer is yes, than your location and regulations will dictate further specialisation.

There are many ways that lead to Rome.

Here are some ideas.

You could start by reading the DIY section of this forum, beginning with the stickies. Now and in the past, many forumites have contributed to many different areas.

If you want more basic information try this site (also a supplier of many aromatic materials and starters kits)

You can follow a long distance course in Thailand

Or in the UK:

For workshops you can take a look at

Or 1 year in France
although they also do ‘seminars’

If the all natural is more your thing you can enroll here
Or through the Natural Perfumers Guild
Or you can begin a local aromatherapy course. Not much help for blending, but it’s a nice start to olfactory training.

If you really have a passion for knowledge and time to read, this is the best resource ever:
They have a files section with loads of formula’s, tips and tricks, articles, book reviews, book sharing, fragrance chemistry, you name it. It's one of the few places where classically taught perfumers & fragrance chemists contribute actively and for free!
It has started with this blog:

If you’re looking for text books for professional perfumers, you will need some background knowledge first of organic chemistry, otherwise they are tough to read.

Introduction to Perfumery by Tony Curtis and David G Williams, 2nd edition

The Chemistry of Fragrances: From Perfumer to Consumer, 2nd edition by Charles S

The Chemistry of Essential Oils by David G. Williams, 2nd edition

Understanding Fragrance Chemistry by Charles Sell

Perfumery: Techniques in Evolution by Arcadi Boix Camps

Perfume and Flavour Chemicals Vols 1 and 2, by Steffen Arctander

Perfume and Flavor materials of Natural Origin by Steffen Arctander

Perfumery. Practice and Principles by Robert Calkin and J.Stephan Jellinek.




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