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In my sitting room on New Years Day

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I can smell the Christmas tree. The pine needles have started to fall and the smell of pine is getting ever stronger. Not sure if it really is stronger now than the day we first brought it into the house before Christmas. I had the flu that week and was sad that I couldn't smell the tree. I couldn't smell anything for ages. It was awful. Then I remembered the morning my smell came back. What was the first thing I smelled? Well we have a 2 year old boxer dog who tends to be a bit windy...ok too much information. Anyway to cut a long story short I got my sense of smell back and later I realised just how much I missed it.
SO where was I? Oh yes in my sitting room. I can still smell the dinner we had this afternoon. I cooked a loin of pork for the meat eaters ( I marinated it over night in a half a liter of red wine, a glass of Marsala, pink peppercorns, All Spice Berries and Juniper...) and I made a butter bean casserole for myself. We had 11 people for dinner. I found out how to do gorgeous roast potatoes.
What else can I smell right now...I can smell my trainers!!! How embarrassing...actually they don't smell bad, just sort of rubbery, the way new trainers smell. My feet are non-smelly feet...I swear it's the truth.
I am not wearing any perfume.
I can smell the fireplace, it's full of ashes and is cold. Needs a fire to be lit. We normally use central heating and light a fire only occasionally. It's nice to have the choice.
I can smell the coconut bickies (cookies) in the tin on the floor. I wish there were other kinds left, I am not too fond of the coconut. Wait a butter cream...mmmh! Wow that coconut permeates everything. You know every biscuit smells like coconut. Oh well, if that's all I have to worry about...crunch munch, I need another cup of tea.

Happy New Year Base Notes Readers!


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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    And Happy New Year to you too, Ruth! Glad you have your sense of smell back. Not only for you, but also for the rest of us, who love hearing what it's like there. Best wishes for 2009!
  2. RuRu's Avatar
    Thank you Redneck Perfumisto, and thanks for the encouragement : )

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