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Super Scented September

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"Super Scented September"

The theme is based on all things related to scent: feelings, memories, thoughts, critic, art, inspirational, promotional, news... anything related or associated.
For 1 month I want to post, tweet, upload and blog in this theme.

I need your help!

* Did you ever read a good article or would like to write one for this occasion? Let me know!
* Did you ever see a good documentary: send me the link
* Would you like to write a theme song? Yes please
* Have you ever seen a perfect picture or painting... sent me a link
* Want to make a video about your thoughts? Contact me
* Books to read? Sent me a link
* Have samples I could review? Hook me up
* Have something to do a give-away with? Sent me it
* Have something you would like to be promoted? Let me know!
* and so on and so on....

All creative ideas are welcome!

It will be on several social media so don't hold back and let your ideas out in any way, shape or form that fits you ♥

The link to the FB page for Super Scented September I will post below this post a.s.a.p.
This wall will be open, so all of you who want to participate 'on the spot' are welcome to do so all month

Please contact me for all your questions and input / feedback.

Thank you in advance, HUG Guusje


  1. Miepmiep's Avatar
    Introduction video is up


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