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Sears, (untitled), and the Tommy Girl Experiment

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While running errands today I realized that I was wrong about Sears: In my area, it's notably below the standard of the Bon Ton and JCP. In terms of fashion and fragrance anyway. One can't buy a chainsaw at the Bon Ton, though, so perhaps I'm comparing apples and oranges.

My trial run of (untitled) l'eau began inauspiciously--the atomizer on the first vial was defective and delivered the product in a direct stream, like Raid Wasp & Hornet Killer. After a wash-off and a reapplication with the fully-functional second vial, I found myself rather enjoying the opening: citrus ballasted by a dark, negative unsweet chocolate, the tension between the two opening up a kind of architectural space for the imagination to inhabit. I went about my business and sort of forgot about the frag for an hour or so until I started picking up a sublime, euphoric marine aura that seemed to be coming not from me, but from out in the air somewhere. But it was indeed the (untitled), smiling in this wild little note that I still cannot place in any technical way. Very, very interesting stuff and I shall have to monitor it further.

I'm a fan of masculine feminines (Sikkim being my reference standard in this department), and since Tommy Girl routinely receives high praise as a man's scent I thought I'd try a sample. But after a week of trying to get in sync with it I'm afraid I might have to give up. It's not that I can't see it as a man's frag, rather that for it to work on me I'd need to shed about 20 years and considerable souci. It's fresh, it bounces on its toes, it's precocious and it wants to get going. I keep thinking "muguet" even though that's not listed in the notes--but for me even to be thinking muguet means that TG is not a parfum for the older gentleman, or not this older gent anyway.



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