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Anomie's Bonhomie: Un salon littéraire de parfums or THE REAL IN THE LIBRARY

No Great Expectations, but ... A Statement of Bloggy Intent

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My first real contemplation of perfume beyond "ooh, pretty smell, mommy" was born of reading Audrey Hepburn's biography at age ten. I wanted so badly to experience her signature Givenchy L'Interdit that I spent several diary entries trying to imagine the perfume. I was quite disappointed with the re-release in the 2000s of course. But the original! I need to smell that.

Once again via books I came back to scents: chancing upon the much-hyped or much-hated Guide (to which I am ever grateful!). Now instead of yakking on the boards in my excessively parenthetical and overly personal style that likely annoys others, I plan to start posting here more. Certainly this will be more of a reading journal meets perfume diary than a focused blog.

The content will have to do with BOOKS, though not so much The Guide. Fiction, poetry, essays, etc. that may reference classic perfumes or, more interesting to me, works that actually make smells so salient that they are like fully fleshed characters. The obvious candidate would be Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Ahead of time, I am going to near-ban talking about that one, as it'd be a bit like a drunk discussing Hemmingway (as in:it's been done plenty and shouldn't have been ever).


1. Reviews of two cult classic novels for perfume and fashion lovers. One is well known enough, the other a rarity and lark; a Guerlain on the one hand, a niche offering on the other, so to speak. A lot of silly pop perfume free association can be expected, and I'll include what I'm wearing during readings, why, and how scent affects imagination, especially the literate one.

2. Ruminations on and attempts at describing scent in fiction and poetry. I'll also use these exercises to write my first BN perfume review and beyond. Not yet sure of how to review a scent per say.

3. Analyses of genre fiction and sensory experience ... Sci Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery ... while these genres are not my favorites, the early classics of each are full of smell descriptions even if more recent offerings often well, just stink, but lost pulp can be surprisingly potent. I promise a lot less puns.

4. At last I'll quote and consider perfume-related and other fragrant impressions in recent experimental fiction (to put it in a way that plenty of writers would shoot me for: the niche perfumery of literature).

These writings will be sporadic, but I hope some will have an interest in the place where 'fumania and bibliophila collide.

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  1. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Looking forward to it, Anomie et Ivoire.
  2. Hojji77's Avatar
    With great anticipation.
  3. Alityke's Avatar
    Don't usually read the blogs but this piqued my interest.

    I'm tapping my fingers impatiently

  4. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alityke
    Don't usually read the blogs but this piqued my interest.

    I'm tapping my fingers impatiently

    Thanks everyone! Sorry to have pre-announced, probably kind of dramatic. But I had the idea and if I don't make note of things they often go by the wayside. There seem to be some pretty good blogs hidden around BN. Interesting exhaustive lists on things like female perfumers or potential allergen ingredients.

    Also Hojji, I like your blog! I'll start reading/commenting soon. Very interesting considerations you explore.
  5. teardrop's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, l look forward to reading!
  6. anomie et ivoire's Avatar
    Thanks for the encouragement all!

    Update: I won't be doing this blog after all, unless elsewhere on the web. I'll post the reviews on Goodreads and link them here.
    Sorry for the false start, but eh oh well.
    Updated 21st August 2012 at 06:46 AM by anomie et ivoire


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