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August and Everything After...

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The end of the summer drenches me with longing and nostalgia every year. The saying goodbye to a summer crush when you both have to go back to different schools in September. Packing up the summer clothes, and pulling out the warm ones. The days growing shorter with school pressures and anxieties mounting. The first cold breeze in late August.
My summer scents for this time of year, are, this year:

Ineke After My Own Heart
Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege
Chanel No. 22
Miller Harris Fleur Oriental
Guerlain Vega
Guerlain Sous Le Vent
L'Artisan Parfumeur Seville A L'Aube
Calypso Chevrefeuille
Annick Goutal Neroli
Guerlain Sous Le Vent
Patou Eau de Joy


  1. pansylady's Avatar
    Guerlain Insolence eau Glacee

    Prada Infusion d'Iris Parfum Absolue

    Diptyque Olene

    DSQUARED Crystal Creek Wood
  2. Fleurine's Avatar
    Insolence Eau Glacee....need to try that one
  3. rubegon's Avatar
    I've been thinking of blind buying that one. I wonder what a summer, icy version of Insolence would be like. It sounds like it could be very nice.


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