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A few things I have noticed about the fragrance hobby.....

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on basenotes. To introduce myself, I am a 17 year old guy that has been hooked on to the fragrance hobby for about two years. I have sampled many designer fragrances and a few niche ones as well. I have also been browsing basenotes for a while, and have learned much and have gotten a chance to talk with many fine individuals.

I feel like his post is sort of the end of my journey regarding my fragrance hobby b/c I've frankly run out of money to explore more brands! (btw, have you guys noticed that creed has increased its prices!?shameless lol)

So, here is one thing I've noticed about this hobby;

- It seems like no matter how many fragrances one acquires, there never seems to be enough. We are all looking for that "perfect scent", and we do find it, but with some time we realize that it is not "the one" and we move on. The cycle repeats. Lol.

No matter how many colognes I have gotten, I never feel satisfied, after a while each one it thought was special loses its lustre. Ive noticed that this cycle can be rather endless.

So, for all of you fragrance veterans, what do you think? Am I the only one who feels like this? Or are all of those synthetic molecules getting to my head! LOL



  1. antiqueRose's Avatar
    I know what you mean! I have a ridiculous amount of bottles - about 30 assorted because I go from one big fave to another. Now I've made myself stop!
  2. Scent-imental's Avatar
    Hi Mr Frag,
    Yes, agree with you 100%, i just obtained what i thought was my pinnacle of perfection, only to discover i now want something else, and my Paypal account is empty, and i am a financial pauper, so i can't afford any Joy. I love vintage best, and haunt Ebay late at night, convincing myself, i will win this next thing for mere pennies. Hence my empty Paypal. Oh well. Good luck on your next major discovery
  3. MrFrag45's Avatar

    I can completely relate to both of you! I always buy something, and then a day or two later, im on to the next thing i want. Well, for me its strictly decants now! lol


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