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Sprechen zee german, well nein actually.....

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In 2003, or 2004, i used to comb the internet, in order to find fragrances that were considered "popular" by others, and during the course of my surfing, i happened upon a website, which gave Flowerbelle Blanca a number one placement. I set about trying to locate a flacon of this juice, which would render me seductive, beautiful, irresistible, attractive, witty, intelligent, everything i yearned to be, yet needed the exterior application of a catalyst to unleash all these dynamic qualities.
Well, naturally, only one could be found, on that purveyor of everything the world needs- Ebay. I feverishly placed my bid, and checked it religiously, till i won it. I paid the mighty sum of twenty five pounds sterling, plus a few paltry pence. What is mere Paypal funds, when compared to all the wondrousness i was going to discover as the owner of that sole bottle of Blanca? The extreme rarity of it, seemed to affirm, that it would really achieve all i was expecting from it.
Of course, this was not the case, it was, as the name suggests a very light, white floral. I didn't particularly like it, and i wore it a few times. I remained unattractive belligerant, unenlightened, and got on with life.
I relocated to Ireland in 2007, and began wearing it again, it smelled far better, and suited my new, relocated single lady persona, and i loved it, And got many compliments.
When it eventually ran out, in 2009, i thought i'd have a little look for Flowerbelle again, and spent many hours pounding the keyboard. Blanca was not available, and the actual perfume house was no longer trading, or manufacturing, which was most disappointing. I did manage to locate a German Beauty website, that had in stock 4 fragrances by Flowerbelle, i can't remember the names offhand, but the prices of 16 euros per bottle decided me. In spite of the fact that i do not speak German, and armed only with Google Translate, i ploughed my way through the imcomprehensible ordering process, it was a terrifying experience i have to say, and cutting and pasting the order forms, from the site, into Google Translate took me several hours, but i succeeded in getting what seemed to be a thumbs up at the end of it. Except it did not have a checkout as such, i was not asked for a credit card, and i had no idea of how to complete the order.
In desperation, i called them the next day, Germany, from my mobile phone, was fairly expensive. She spoke excellent English though, and i was asked to send a money order to their bank.
Job done, and a big thumbs up. A couple of weeks later, and my package arrived, andwirhout exception, this is THE most fantastic parcel i have ever received. Inside the box, i was greeted with holographic stars, and harmonising shades of Marabou feathers nestling cosily atop purple metallic wrapping paper. Opening the paper, and more stars, and the elusive bottles in special separate sealed bubble wrap baggies, and as i got them out, a little surprise kept popping put, there were three free fragrance samples, and three treat size choc bars. Absolutely fabulous, like a Christmas Present from your rich Aunt, who uses posh wrapping paper from Marks and Spencers.
The fragrances, i was none too keen on, and i immediately gave one to my friend, as it was very citrussy aquatic, masculine smelling. She loved it though, and it suited her. I wore the other two intermittently, but neither had that effect on me that was present in the original Flowerbelle Blanca.
And the whole mission of locating and obtaining them was a fairly fun experience, if somewhat emotionally draining. I would do it again though, just to receive one of those fairytale packages again.
Happy days.



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